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Aw, thanks! Let’s see what I can come up with… (These probably won’t be very creative. XD)

  1. My favorite color is the specific shade of purple a Black Light glows!
  2. Right now, my hair is like a deep cherry red with blonde bangs!
  3. I have an obsession with Red Pandas!
  4. I’m actually looking to get rid of a lot of my MLP things. I still adore the show, but I’ve given up on collecting the blind bag figures (which currently make up most of my collection), so I’m hoping to sell them sooooon~
  5. I’m currently EV training an all Fairy-type team for my league on dA! :D

I taaaaaaaaaag: silverwholocket, emmellie, chi4u, isakysaku, 1withwolves, tadakimakun, majimoo, absens, yotsuba-no-kuroba, and herromeo! (You guys don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, but if you do, tag me so I can see your answers! :D )

Wellllll…. Just for you Nickle ;)

5 random facts about me.
1) I’m in my last year of college.
2) I’m a pessimist for myself but I try to give optimistic advice for friends when they need it.
3) I love marshmallows. Like. Just give me a bag of marshmallows and i’ll be happy forever.
4) I have a slight obsession with Animal Crossing: New Leaf at the moment.
5) Currently my nails are painted black with gold O.P.I crackle ontop.